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Empowering your care team with
intelligent care coordination. 

Our AI-powered Clinic Assistant streamlines and optimizes care coordination for your clinical and non-clinical staff.

Provider Ally:
Clinic Operations Simplified 

A care coordination platform
that makes
clinical and nonclinical work simpler to
track, optimize, and execute.   

Organizes Work

Automates task distribution for team members and tracks status updates so the whole team is informed and aligned on what needs to happen next.   

Optimizes Workflows

Learns your care team's unique workflows and optimizes processes to boost efficiency and reduce administrative bottlenecks.  


Delivers actionable and relevant data on patients so care team members can spend less time hunting down what they need and more time getting patients what they need. 

Designed to make life easier for
care teams and patients.

Use Case

Works with your clinic's existing workflows and protocols.

Our platform synthesizes clinical and nonclinical workflows into one seamless place to drive efficiency for the clinic, collaboration between teams, and clarity for new hires.

A Brighter Future for Nurses and Patients 

Our north star is to help nurses work smarter not harder by automating administrative tasks. We free up nurse time to focus more on direct patient care and drive better patient outcomes. When nurses are empowered to do what they do best, everyone wins. 

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