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Your Care Coordination Experts

Patient, Provider, & Administrator Team


We founded EmployWell out of a desire to care for those caring for us. Each of us has a unique experience inside the clinic and we saw an opportunity to make life better for those delivering care each day. Our goal is to simplify what we can for care teams and improve patient experience from the inside out. We're not afraid to tackle complication operational challenges. As a women-founded, women's health-focused team, we share a deep commitment to improving the future of nurse work - the backbone of healthcare. 

With a Passion for Improving Women's Health and Supporting Nurses

Nurses and doctors collaborating as a care team
Natalie Shew, CEO EmployWell

Multi-Million Dollar Workforce Innovator and Healthcare Transformation Leader, inspiring large-scale community buy-in and large partnership deals. Background in corporate development, fundraising, and community engagement and has worked across a wide range of industries from manufacturing and education, to international development, business consulting, and retail. Founded EmployWell because of her frustrating care experience as an Endometriosis and Infertility patient, and her why for wanting better outcomes for patients.

Natalie Shew

Chief Executive Officer

Steffany Benton

Steffany is a Nurse Leader and Clinic Operations Expert who excels in forging strategic connections between healthcare and business stakeholders. She has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and 15 years of experience in clinical leadership, healthtech innovation, and healthcare operations. Her focus lies in healthcare management, medtech commercialization, medical affairs, and women’s health. Co-founding EmployWell stemmed from her own frustrations as a provider, as she envisions a world where nurses are esteemed as valuable assets rather than mere costs.

Steffany Benton, COO EmployWell
Chief Operating Officer, DNP

Robin Mangieri

Robin has over twenty years of experience in Reproductive Medicine & Infertility. She was the CEO for Illume Fertility and previously worked as the Administrative Manager for the Donor Egg and Embryo Program at Cornell’s Center for Reproductive Medicine in New York City. She holds a Master’s Degree from Hofstra University and a Bachelor’s Degree with High Distinction from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Robin believes in innovative healthcare solutions that prioritize nurses and enhance patient outcomes.

Robin Mangieri, Chief of Clinic Engagement EmployWell
Chief of Clinic Engagement

Let Us Simplify Your Operations 

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